Electronics for Kids

Hey mates!

Originally I had planned to release this as a Christmas Gift for all the readers and followers, but I ran short on time.

A mate of mine had the amazing idea to write an introductory book of Electronics for kids, just to be able to explain to his soon, in a really simple way, the principles behind a few well-known components and circuits. When he showed me his work, I’ve found it so brilliant that I asked his permission to translate and modify the material to other languages.

This material dedicated to all the Electronic Engineers/fans/adepts that always wanted to explain in a simple way to their beloved kids a bit more about their work.

I hope you enjoy.


I would like to say a special thanks to Maína Worm Silva for fixing some typos in the portuguese version of the document. Should you also find a typo in any document language, please let me know ;)

Electronics for Kids – German Version
Electronics for Kids – English Version
Electronics for Kids – Portuguese Version

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