First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Marco Aurélio Barbosa Fagnani Gomes Lotz (you have no idea of how many free pints I got with bets of the other person correctly saying my name after only one repetition).
I guess that the whole name (just guessing) would be too long for a website. Thus opted for Marco Lotz.

I am a 26 year-old Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer and I’ve been working as a Research Engineer in Hewlett Packard Labs (originally HP Labs) since mid 2015. It’s great fun!!! Here I have the privilege to work with many of the best people in their fields, on bleeding-edge projects. People from Labs already know that I am usually involved in Graph related projects. Yes! I am fascinated by graph systems (OLAP/OLTP) and graph theory :)

Why this website?

Basically I was looking for a place to output my thoughts and discussions. Then I realized, why not a website for this?
This website is mostly a place that I want to keep in order to store my thoughts and create discussion about themes here approached.
Do you agree with my ideas? Post a comment and let me know.
Do you not agree at all with my ideas? Also post a comment and let me know.
Do you have a suggestion? comment and let me know.

Common Topics?

Distributed Systems, Graph Theory, Graph Systems, Embedded Systems, MapReduce, Hadoop, Pregel, YARN, Giraph, Spark.

Past Activities?

  • Was a Researcher for Massive Dynamic Graphs Processing in Queen Mary – University of London. Most of the results from the research are available on my github page. In the dynamicGraph section there is also a copy of my report/dissertation about the subject and the code. One can find the report here: Report Link
  • Was sponsored to attend the EMC² Summer School of Big Data in Rio de Janeiro, taking the Collecting Big Data Autonomously course, given by Mike Hinchey – former director of NASA’s Software Engineering Laboratory. My graduation project – HadoopLung – won the first stage prize of the Big Data Challenge 2014 promoted by EMC² and UFRJ.
  • Worked as an intern in Siemens Telecommunications in R&D for next generation boards. Mainly worked with AVR, Embedded Linux Developing, RS-232 and USB protocols.
  • Worked as an intern in ZF, in Friedrichshafen – Germany. There, I have developed component firmware for a set of transmissions, aside from some tools for Flashing the Transmission Control Units and converting its data into several formats. Last but no the least, worked with the Transmissions Diagnosis and detection methods trough firmware.
  • Former UTFPR Big Data cluster administrator. Yep, that’s right. If you had a problem with your Hadoop or Giraph or Spark Application, I was the one you should come talk to.
  • Author of the HadoopLung: an extensible MapReduce application that detects Lung Nodules on CTs Images with over 91% precision.
  • Was tutor of the Electromagnetism and Propagating waves and guides modules. Wrote handbooks about the subjects that were used to teach the students that came after me. Must confess that I love Electromagnetism, but for now it is better to leave this working field for the physicists ;)

Current Activity?
Research Engineer at Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol.

Projects that I work on?

  • GraHPEr/Cytosm: Graph analytics without graphs!! Speed up graph queries on graph databases (100x faster than native graph DB leaders)

    Slides: https://es.slideshare.net/secret/ccftFBuzzGtFX4
    Code: https://github.com/cytosm
    Benchmarks: https://github.com/Alnaimi-/database-benchmark

  • LOOM: Large-scale management tool to control 1000000s of hosts from a mobile phone/tablet!



  • OpenStack Monanas: ML orchestration see https://github.com/openstack/monasca-analytics (which is somewhat similar to Netflix’s Meson http://techblog.netflix.com/2016/05/meson_31.html)

    The most relevant Machine Learning algorithms implemented on Monanas have to do with alert
    clustering based on causality inference and anomaly detection on OpenStack data/logs.

  • The Machine: Working on the management aspects of HPE’s “The Machine”, the first data center-scale memory-driven architecture:


  • ContainerOS: Designing the management aspects of an Operating System developed to enable security and isolation for containerized applications.

I have no intention of making here a complete CV, if you want more information about my resumé , please contact me in the contacts section :)


Aside from the two topics of the website, I really enjoy doing Latin Dancing and Ballroom. I am also an inveterate traveler too, must confess.


Daft Punk, Justice and Swedish House Mafia for sure!

Favorite Book?

Asimov´s Foundation Series.

Favorite color?
Ok, ok! Too many already. If you have any question, please let me know. Visit the contact page for more information.
Bear in mind that there are links for my linkedin and twitter in the footer of the page.